Stepping into the Immigration Pool Saturday, May 20 2006 

I guess this would be considered the second part in my series of ramblings on Immigration. In the next few months, Mexican citizens will be voting on a new president (I will save my rejoicing on Vincente Fox leaving office for later). During his campaigning for his party, he has toned down his rhetoric attacking the United States on how we have been dealing with the immigration issue. One of his comments took me aback. He stated we shouldn't be racist against Mexicans. On this I will agree; however, we should not just open our borders up and say come on in nor have a policy lacking border security.

Mr Fox, here is my open comments to you and your party: Shut the hell up! Until your country is attacked and over 3000 people lose their lives, don't tell us why we should not protect American citizens first. Mexico one of the most corrupt countries in this hemisphere. Your citizens live below the poverty level, your citizens gain no comfort from your local governments and your citizens deserve more than what they are getting. No wonder they are leaving in great numbers, who would blame them. But sir, this is YOUR problem and the United States is not responsible for taking care of YOUR people. Where the blame lies is twofold: Mexico not embracing its own people and the United States for not calling you on it.

If Mexico gets its act together and find ways to provide for all of its citizens, then Mexico would be a better place for it. So here is my call to arms: Citizens of Mexico, demand good jobs, demand better health-care, demand an honest government and demand a future for your children!


Dipping a toe in the Immigration Pool Wednesday, May 3 2006 

I have been trying to avoid talking about the immigration issue since I begin this blog, yet after hearing a commentary by an Indian physician who has been trying to go through the maze of the INS and is still only a temporary resident, I had to react. The gentleman mentioned that he and his wife our practicing physicians in the US and have been for more than thirteen years and because of a quota system set by the INS for professionals from other countries living in the US, he and his wife have not been able to become a U.S. citizens. And if the new legislation gets passed in Congress, individuals who have come here illegally will be given amnesty and those who have been going through the maze will once again get pushed to the back of the line.

I will say it once again, illegal means its against the law. And why is no one blaming the Mexican government for not taking care of its citizens? I don't blame Mexican individuals from running away from a corrupt government, but this is getting out-of-control. I want to open doors to all individuals from ALL countries who want to contribute to OUR country, but they should not be afforded special treatment. No, getting in line in front of those wanting political asylum, those who have been dealing with the inefficiency of the INS, and those who are proud to fill out the paperwork and not sneak in like thieves in the night.

It seems the media will only cover the extremists who just hate everyone rather than the rest of America who does not like what is going on. A poll that I saw yesterday stated that 93% of Americans think the protests are undermining the immigration issue. And Mr. President, you are suppose to be protecting our country. Well, you are NOT doing a good job!! I have seen enough footage of illegals crossing the border. Maybe it will become less of getting more votes and more of protecting Americans if someone sneaks in a dirty bomb. Deal with the real issue and send a message:

Vincente Fox, take care of your people so we can take care of ours!

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